The artist

Brandon followed a logical path by getting a business degree (Go App State!) and 9-5 job but found something missing from his life. He sold his town home, his car, and decided to camp for several months in order to disconnect and figure it out.

He was asked one day...what do you LOVE doing?

What came to mind was ART.

Brandon, a Goldsboro (NC) native, grew up in the pews of church drawing pictures while his Dad and Mom were busy Pastoring a church and continued this "hobby" in Rosewood High School art classes.

15 years later, he enrolled in art schools, Johnston Community College and UNC-Asheville and began to explore the world of art from drawing to painting, pottery to sculpting, theory to art history.

While canvas/home decor paintings make up the core of his work, he has been commissioned on large scale murals and found this new path to public art. This passion for beautifying the local community has brought a new joy to painting.

Brandon and his wife, Amy work together to help clients create home decor art and murals throughout North Carolina.

amy chan



AKA Business Manager, Painting assistant, and Brandon’s wife

Amy has a passion for spreadsheets and to-do lists. She manages the business side of things for Hardison Art Studio and will happily pick up a paint brush to help with projects as well.

A proud UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, Amy also ventured to the windy city, Chicago to obtain an MBA and before returning to her hometown in NC, took a detour to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in Vanuatu.

Now she works with Brandon to beautify small towns with mural art and consults with small businesses to nurture local economic development.